Grounded from Facebook

February 25, 2009

Once again, I have encountered the reality that I am weak and prone to do stupid things.

This week, my immaturity has shone through in the realm of facebook. Oh facebook.

I made a series of really bad decisions. Sadly, I kind of knew that the things I was doing were not wisdom. But I pressed right through all of the little “Wait, don’t do that,” whispers in my spirit. …Until I reached a crowning moment of stupidity that led to an irreversible action with great potential of hurting someone else.

Did I hurt the other person? I honestly don’t know. They responded to my poor choices very graciously.

Before the other person respond, I realized what I had done and how uncool it was. And I saw the progression of bad decisions that had led to that point.

Oh, God, I just ate Cakey! Why did I open the fridge door? WHY?

(I understand that the last line might make absolutely no sense to most people. The only real chance of full comprehension is a familiarity with one of the most brilliant messages ever spoken by Mike Pilavachi.)

I decided that I needed to take a break from facebook. Wisdom says to pluck your eye out of it is causing you to sin. My weakness and facebook were proving to be a deadly combination.

I won’t get into details about what happened. That would be inappropriate and involve exposing the details of someone else’s person life. But, I will leave you with these basic principles:

1. DON’T ignore the “Wait, don’t do that” whispers in your spirit. Avoiding sin is greatly to be desired. The best way to successfully avoid it is to actually listen to the Holy Spirit when He is talking to you.

2. God is really merciful and forgiving. Praise the Lord. It really is His incredible kindness that leads to repentance.

3. If you are prone to fantasy, pseudo-interaction with a person on facebook will only give your mind something to work with. This can greatly intensify a war against fantasy and leave you QUITE exhausted.

4.  If you can’t figure out why your war against fantasy has just become incredibly difficult to stay on the winning side of, you might want to ask yourself if you have been doing something that might fuel fantasy.

5. When you realize that a series of bad decisions you have been making ARE fueling fantasy and requiring things like sleep deprivation to avoid fully falling into sin, it might be a good idea to STOP right there and repent.

6. Testing boundaries is fairly unloving and most often a tool for the immature. If you know that something is probably out of bounds, just suck it up, take the loss, prefer the other, and stay away from it. Crossing boundaries just to determine that they are boundaries really isn’t necessary. Or kind.

7. If you have reasons not to be someone’s friend on facebook, you have reasons not to be looking at someone’s profile on facebook. No one wants to be a facebook stalker. Just don’t do it!

So, I hope that you can learn from my mistakes. Please don’t test them out. Trust me. I’m offering you free wisdom. Take it! Arriving at these conclusions on your own really isn’t worth the cost!

(Please note: while I do employ a fair degree of understatement and sarcasm in this post, I do not take these things lightly at all. I find that these tools can help convey a point with greater intensity. And I wanted to make those statements as strongly as I could. Even if that meant understating them in order to convey a depth of sentiment that words could not justly describe anyway. Sarcasm can be deadly when used as a weapon. But sometimes it is appropriate to “tear at the flesh” of something like sin or compromise.)



  1. I doubt there are many in this sad little world of ours who are so willing to be so honest and, indeed, generous. I don’t really have anything else to say other than that you make me proud, you make me think and I’m glad you’re around.

    Oh, and I get the Pilavachi reference. That message should be all over YouTube, but it looks like it isn’t. Sigh.

  2. hmmm… you were in a dream I had the other night. I’ve been debating whether I should tell you or not. It’s not bad but God used some really bizarre and hysterical symbolism in it that I think you might enjoy. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. i’m actually stinking proud of you in this decision. regardless of my hatred for facebook, i think you’re making a wise choice. when you told me what happened to start all of this, all i wanted to say to you was “well, maybe you should stop using facebook for a while… or forever…” but i have learned not to touch that button in people anymore; it more often than not leads to them manifesting and calling me mean things. i didn’t think it would go there with you, but you just never know when facebook is involved… it’s like trying to take a bone away from a big dog; not a good idea… sometimes you draw back a nub.

    anyhoo, i know this is a huge and far-from-trivial thing for you, so i and my husband will be praying for you fervantly. not even just for strength in the “ground-ment” to stick to your decision, but also for the Lord to continue to work on you and in your heart regarding healing and healthy relating. he’s a good and gracious God and he loves you more than you can imagine. he’s not about to turn away from you now… in your weakness, his strength…

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