Making an Appearance

February 25, 2009

So, I seem to be making an appearance in many a dream, lately. OK, so I only know of two. But that is two dreams in one week that people have made a point of telling me about.

My friends show up in plenty of my dreams. So that isn’t weird. But both were dreams that the Lord was speaking through. So two felt like a lot for one week.

The dreams have actually be really interesting. Like… God seems to be speaking to me through their dreams as well.

So, if I was in your dream this week and it was one of those especially vivid or just oddly noteworthy dreams, you might want to ask the Lord if He is saying something. That seems to be the trend for the week. (Yes, I am aware that two hardly justifies calling it a trend. Whatever.)

Oh… and if you don’t mind sharing, I would love to hear. Particularly if you think there is a chance that God is saying something to me as well. Though… posting it on my blog would probably be… weird. Did I die in your dream? No worries… it wouldn’t be the first time this week. I won’t be offended. 😉

My dreams this week, on the other hand… those have just been weird.

More, Lord. Speak in dreams. Bless my friends’ sleep. Do Your thing. You’re really good at it. Oh… and I wouldn’t mind less of those really weird dreams that I’ve had this week. Or some clarity concerning what the heck that was all about.


One comment

  1. Actually, someone dying in a dream is very seldom literal. It most often refers to that person dying to themselves, or their “old man”, or whatever. It’s actually a pretty good thing. Not always fun, but good.

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