Reynolds Wedding

March 8, 2009

For the record… CJ & Christina Reynolds’ wedding (the one wedding that I have ACTUALLY helped coordinate) went very well. We had our share of last-minute UH-OH(!!!) moments. But all of those uh-oh moments were fairly smoothly remedied. God’s just really good.

AND… the stormy weather that was supposed to be here today didn’t even hit until I got home from the reception. We had beautiful weather while there were pictures to be taken, things to be transported, and hair, makeup, and dresses to be maintained.

Christina was absolutely gorgeous and those two are good and married now.

Also worth noting: Cassie Campbell is amazing. Super flexible. Ridiculously talented. Wonderfully persevering. That girl is such a servant that it’s almost absurd. I love it! And she really helped out a lot at the wedding. (She played for a good 30 minutes longer than she had originally agreed to. AND she filled in at the last minute when Clay was too busy coughing out a lung to come and sing. I’m pretty sure she just learned that song in the last couple of days and she did a fantastic job with it. Not to mention making it sound amazing and completely un-awkward when she had to extend it to almost twice the length of what might have been ideal.)

I have a bunch of people that I could thank right now. But they wouldn’t be reading this. And there are too many of them. But… I’m very grateful for the many people who served Christina & CJ today. 🙂


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