Why does Kansas City hate me?

March 10, 2009

Imagine, if you will…

It’s 4 in the morning. In a couple of hours, when your alarm will be going off, you have a VERY full day ahead of you. Your present engagement, sleep, is desperately needed and very important to you.

You are sleeping peacefully when the obnoxious rotating weather siren starts blaring. It keeps going… and going… and going. You imagine the trees violently shaking at 45-degree angles because of strong winds. You hear nothing but the obnoxious siren. You imagine green skies and the potential of at least a bicycle or something flying through your window.

You lay there for a while hoping it will stop. The siren keeps going. You try burying your head. It doesn’t help.

Finally, you decide to look out the windows and check the weather.

The sky looks normal and the air looks peaceful. No airborne bicycles. Calm trees. You get online and check the weather advisories. Why did Kansas City decide to wake you so rudely?

They wanted you to know that there is some flooding.

You’re not an idiot. You know it has been raining constantly for the last few days. You are aware that your yard is exceptionally mushy. You’ve seen the roads… you know what happens when the rain keeps falling.

Really? They woke you to tell you that there was some flooding?

You try to go back to sleep. You fail miserably.

You begin your busy day. All the while wondering why Kansas City hates you.


One comment

  1. Ha ha, I hear ya, and the stupid sirens. Apparently they are supposed to go all week for “practice”. With that said, thanks to the faithful nightwatch!!!

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