April 10, 2009

The amazing Dorean Beattie just posted what may be the best pictures I have ever seen of tulips.

In all honestly, when I see ANY picture of a tulip, I get absurdly happy. But I am usually somewhat disappointed (once the “Oh! A TULIP!” wears off) by the failure of the picture to really capture the tulip.

These pictures, though… there’s nothing disappointing about them. Which makes them a pretty exciting find. Even more exciting, I know the incredible woman who took those pictures. Crazy!

Anyway, you should go check them out. They’re absolutely fantastic. I would write about the specific pictures, but I already rambled on about them in slightly incoherent, overly-excited fashion on the page itself. So… you can read the outburst of “ooh, I like” that came out when I first encountered them, if you really want to know how I feel about them.

OK… here it is again. Go love them. They’re perfect.


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