Adjective Failure

April 27, 2009

I feel like I use the same core set of adjectives for everything. That bothers me.

I have a friend who constantly agitates this frustration with the apparent shrinking of my vocabulary. He is brilliant, thinks about his words, teaches English, and starts crazy things like fasts from crutch words. (For the record, I am grateful for such agitation.)

I don’t have an action plan for this right now. But I felt like verbalizing this continuing frustration.

I need to start reading again. I miss books. My vocabulary misses books.


One comment

  1. I suggest a less literary break from a vocabulary rut. How about scoobie-doo?

    Just substitute “scoobie” (or if you like, scooby) for the first syllable of any adjective you’re feeling a little over-exposed to. Presto – it’s fresh and alive again.

    Food you like becomes scoobie-licious.
    Music you like: scoobie-tastic!
    Bible study: Scoob-egesis. (Scoob-egetical if you must limit to adjectives…)
    Something slippery: scoob-ricated

    Just a suggestion. Don’t make that face!

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