Seized by the Spirit

July 5, 2009

Have you ever been unquestionably aware of something that you had no way of articulating? You know that it is true, whatever it is; you just don’t know how to express it.

This has been true of the state of my heart… my livingness of life.

A lot of people have observed the change… or at least some of the outward manifestations of the change. And I KNOW things are different. But I have had no explanation for those who have inquired about the transformation. I have only been able to agree with them, very conscious of a reality that I could not express but that was so beyond argument that it was confirmed by the testimony of many witnesses.

Each person has observed it and articulated it in very different ways, but I know that they are talking about the same thing. I have become more expressive. My smile is brighter. I have come out of some sort of shell. I have a new boldness. My voice is different. And on and on and on. All of these statements are true, but none of them are particularly meaningful, independent of the greater reality from which they are flowing.

I am freer… more alive. And I don’t know how to explain it.

Fortunately, Jurgen Moltmann did.

I found this paragraph in The Source of Life, a phenomenal book about the Holy Spirit. Despite the fact that it is translated from another language, it is beautifully articulated. And it felt like a perfect explanation of the new life and freedom that I am continuously encountering.

So… here it is. Here is my Jurgen’s explanation for what has been happening:

If we are seized by the Spirit of the resurrection, we get up out of our sadness and apathy. We begin to flower and become fruitful again, like the plants and trees in the spring of the year. An undreamed-of love for life awakens in us; we drive out the sweet poison of resignation, and our painful remembrances of death are healed. We encounter life again like children, in eager expectancy.



  1. May you always encounter life in eager expectancy!
    Keep smiling! : )

  2. 🙂
    Yay! is all I can say.

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