iPhone Fun

August 15, 2009

My dad bought me an iPhone. (Thanks, Dad!) and I absolutely love the thing.

Since jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, my blog has kind of died off. I post occasionally. But not with the same frequency as before.

One reason for the Twitter-induced coma that my blog has fallen into is the simple fact that I could tweet from ANYWHERE, updating my status from my phone. It was far easier to tweet than to blog. (Not to mention, the 140-character limitation made the constant updates fit quite easily into my busy schedule.)

Well… Now that I have my iPhone, I can also blog from anywhere. I can’t make any promises… But it seems likely that I might begin blogging more frequently.

If this does happen, my posts will probably be shorter than usual. (Probably to the betterment of my blog.) And… They will probably be riddled with typing errors. My grammar may even suffer due to the change of pace and weird changes that I might make without really paying attention to what I have done. (Probably to the betterment of my condition as a grammar snob and recovering perfectionist.)

We shall see…


One comment

  1. Awaiting future blogging with anticipation!! : ) Have a great visit with your dad!

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