CRI Part 4 – My Vision Before Training

October 15, 2009

Before I left for CRI training, I wrote this outline that was intended to turn into an actual post, when I had time to write it. I probably spent all of two minutes typing this list out, so there is probably some redundancy. It basically just lists out some of what I believed I could bring and be in the midst of crisis. So… here it is, the post that I never had time to write:

I perceive my role to be fairly simple.  I expect that a lot of my ideas will be refined, once I actually go through training. But this post is just a simple overview of what I believe my part is. Why I am doing this.

Anchored in hope and rooted and grounded in love. Secure in my identity, knowing God’s delight in me.

Lean on the Holy Spirit.

Out of the place of intimacy, communion.

Listen and obey.

Love… in the midst of pain and trial.

Holy Spirit. Confidence. Rest. Steadfastness.

Peace. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Serve people.

Love people.

Commune with the Lord.

Make myself available. Follow the Holy Spirit.

Lead. Have answers. Be able to take action. Give people confidence.

Speak truth. Light of hope.


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