Fun Surprises

October 21, 2009

Two days in a row, my roommate and I have received unexpected packages from a delightful woman in Pennsylvania. So much fun!

It has made me think of what a huge impact those unexpected little things can have. It totally made my day… both days! (That, and the fact that I was finally beginning to recover from my cold. My brain works again and everything! Just need to get my throat, head, and weary body to fully catch up.)

I have been receiving far fewer surprise packages in the mail since my mom passed away. So it means A LOT to receive something in the mail “just because.”

I’m also realizing that several birthdays passed while I was busy being sick and fuzz-brained. Sadness. To everyone (I know and love) who has numerically aged in the last few days, I love you a lot and I am glad that you were born! I just got derailed by my colision with the sickness train. (I blame it on the schedule change and then four days of running around in the cold for CRI training. My immune system didn’t have a chance. Sleep is really important!)

Anyway… Mrs. I, yet again, you have brightened my life considerably. I am so blessed to have been introduced to you and your incredible heart via Blogland.

Speaking of meeting people from Blogland, I wanted to give a quick shout-out to Jim from CRI training. (I’m pretty sure I promised myself to never use that term, “shout-out,” when I first became acquainted with it. Sigh… I wonder what similar terms I may lose my resolve in resisting. This one doesn’t bother me now, but I know that it did at one time. I sincerely hope that I do not lose my distaste for some of the things that I presently refuse to say.) Random fact, you have the same name as my phone. Well, the Jim part, at least. I think I just assumed that my phone received my last name when it was adopted.

I think CRI training was the least unsettling place to meet a total stranger who has read many of my thoughts… who has seen some of the deep things of my heart. So… way to not be creepy. Sometimes I forget that there are real people who read this thing that I have never met. I like meeting the people who read my blog. (For example, Mrs. I was a total win. She’s even more delightful in person than she is in comment form.) But, truth be told, it would probably freak me out if a random person approached me outside the prayer room and knew my name… and my life.

Bearing gifts might help. I’ll see if I can get a list going to enable such gift-giving introductions. (OK, actual fact… I am creating a Christmas/birthday/everyday wish list. It will consist of all of the gear that I need to deploy with CRI, or to do further training. All I want for Christmas is the ability to easily leave town on short notice to love and serve people in the midst of crisis. Bonus to that Christmas wish: it might also enable the reintroduction of camping to my already-pretty-fantastic life. And that would be… awesome. In any case, that list might make it onto my blog… in case people are interested in being a part of my future work with CRI. We shall see.)

Oh, look at that! I still know how to ramble!

Well, hopefully, there are some (somewhat more coherent) blog posts coming in the near future about CRI. I have a lot to say about the training. The Lord had a lot to say during training. I just have to find the time to reign in all of those words.

I’m going to publish this without rereading it. Probably a mistake, since I have just been babbling on. And… since I have been typing the whole thing on my phone. But I’m just going to go with it. Freedom from perfectionism. That’s what we’ll call it.

Thanks again, Mrs. I!



  1. Good to meet you as well Christine. Glad it wasn’t too creepy. 🙂 I’m getting over a cold to. Typical that after God does something great, the enemy takes his whack at us.

  2. You are a total win in my book, also!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experience at CRI training. I’m also happy to hear that you are feeling better. : )

  3. i like you. and i miss your rambles. : )

  4. Kacie – Thanks. I miss my rambles, too. 🙂 This one felt really good. I think I need to get back into those.

    Jim – I hope you feel better soon! I kind of felt like I had to fight to get back on track when I started feeling better. That cold knocked me out. It had brought a screeching halt to the time I was spending in the CRI manual (and my application for the chaplaincy team). AND… for most of that week, I barely even talked to the Lord about or processed all of the things that He had been speaking to me during training. It felt like warfare!

    Mrs. I – We shared our tastykakes tonight. Still have more than half of them and were able to bring a little east coast joy to our friends in the midwest. So much fun! Thank you! I am excited to share about CRI with you. Hopefully I’ll do a little of that before the night is up. It’s my night off, so a perfect opportunity.

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