For Matthias

December 4, 2009

One of my favorite people is celebrating his birthday today. Matthias A. Bryson.

Matthias sincerely loves God. And our conversations (among the most amazing and thought-provoking conversations that I have ever been a part of) always seem to make me grow in my own love for God.

Matthias is an incredible friend who loves well.  Our friendship has faced many challenges and obstacles of staggering intensity. Thus, the mere fact that we are still friends shows his amazing perseverance and steadfastness. In Matthias, I have found one of the greatest friends that I think the human race could possibly offer.

Matthias has taught me to enjoy life more fully. He has helped me to wholeheartedly embrace some of the odd and seemingly “unacceptable” qualities that make me the (let’s face it, delightful) person that I am. He has shown me how to unashamedly love the simple and often ridiculous things that can make me happy in ways that I cannot possibly account for.

One of my favorite things about Matthias is his love for absurdity. Not only is it vastly entertaining, but his affection for the absurd has been quite liberating for me. At it’s core, I believe that this love is actually a surpassing appreciation for holiness. Much of Matthias’ nonsense turns out to make more sense than anything the masses would foolishly label as truth or logic. His love of the absurd is often a love of the profound… which we have tragically mislabeled. Of course… sometimes it is just plain silly (i.e., really enjoyable).

Do you have a friend who would bring his stuffed animals out to a public place to have coffee with you and your stuffed animals? I do. Do you have a friend who will wholeheartedly support you in an endeavor to forever change the name of the number 7 to “singer”? I do. Do you have a friend who will giggle with you about delightful little numbers like “singerty-singer” or sentences like “I met a Maciej”? I do. And I thank the Lord for him.

Having determined with absolute resolve that I will never sing Matthias a love song (it cost me several points in a game of Quelf), I am doing the closest (and most absurd) thing that I could think of. I have written a poem. I have written a poem that rhymes. I have written a poem that rhymes and follows an anapest meter (‘Twas the night before Christmas…). I have written a poem that rhymes and follows an anapest meter and I am publishing it on my blog.

Let us note that I am not a poet. I had to do a little verbing to make it work and there are points where I am probably fudging a bit on the meter. But with deep affection, I present my silly little poem (… in public… where it can be read). And I mean it in whole. Definitely not in half.

Happy Birthday, Matthias.

For the Love
For the love of absurdity, ever you stray
From the dull, well-established “acceptable” way.
All the things that most people might think of and laugh,
You see through to completion, in whole, not in half.
With great joy, you’re determined to seize and embrace
The ideas that most others dismiss and erase.
And it seems that your life is much fuller and blest
For you’ve often discovered the things that are best.
Now your love of absurdity quickens in me
The great joy of embracing such “folly” with glee.
I am ever-so-grateful and could not repay
The uncountable pleasures you’ve taught me to yea.
So I thank you, Matthias, and bless your odd love.
I’m inclined to believe that it came from Above.



  1. I LOVE this, Christine and wholeheartedly agree!

  2. Amen. 🙂

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