Going to Haiti

January 18, 2010

It is decided. I am going to Haiti. The dates are not yet determined, but I am looking at some time in the second half of February.

Our first team of six is there now. We send 12 more today. Our next team then leaves on Sunday, and then new teams ever week after that.

In the time between now and when I actually deploy, I am doing four things:

1. I am carrying on with the quotidian things of my life.
I’m still in the day-to-day. I still go to the prayer room every night. I am still working on projects for Anne House. I am still tutoring for the eSchool. I am still going to morning prayer and still celebrating the Eucharist at an Anglican church on Sundays. I am still spending time with me friends. I am still reading and studying my Bible.

2. I am helping at the CRI base.
This has meant a little less sleep in the last few days. I am answering emails. I am helping schedule flights. I am praying for the sanity of the people who are far busier than I am, whose loads I am barely able to lighten.

3. I am getting ready.
I am getting my passport. I am finding replacements for my IHOP duties. I am making lists. I am collecting gear. I am working on getting my necessary shots and prescriptions. I am raising money. But, most of all, I am praying.

I am praying for the people of Haiti. I am praying for those who are now serving in Haiti. I am praying for my friends in CRI. I am praying for the orphans. I am praying for greater revelation of God’s heart. I am praying for boldness & confidence. I am praying for my own heart.

I feel so unready for what I know I am about to encounter. I lack adequate concepts to try to reasonably imagine what my eyes will see, what my spirit will discern, what my heart will feel, what my ears will hear. The Lord has been putting iron in my spirit and my heart is very alive in hope. I have known the Comforter in the place of pain. But I am desperate for more.

Please pray for me. Please pray for the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our midst. Please pray for abundant hope. Wisdom. Discernment. Prophetic insight. Signs and wonders. Healing. Prophecy. Boldness. Strength. Courage. Favor. Protection. Provision. And for hearts to be undone by the kindness of the Lord, turning to Him to find a joy that leads them through this time of devastation and loss.

People are desperate and He is the only real answer. Our food and medical aid will help them. Our search and rescue missions are already bearing fruit. Our smiles, our labor, and our love are not in vain. But none of these things compare to the One who satisfies the deepest needs of the heart. I hope to strengthen the Body of Christ in Haiti and to reach the harvest in this time when many are seeking comfort. Devastation raises a lot of questions.

I am trying to raise $3000 to get the gear and vaccinations that I will need and to cover the cost of deploying twice with CRI. We intend to be in Haiti fr many months, helping to rebuild in the days ahead. If I can raise the funds, I actually hope to go and serve with CRI many times over the next few months.

Please consider sowing into my time in Haiti.

More details will follow.


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