How You Can Help

January 19, 2010

There are several ways that you can help me as I get ready to go to Haiti with Crisis Response International.

Pray for Me
This is my greatest need. The Lord gives us more when we ask, so I am doing all the asking I can. And you can be a part of that. As I am able, I will continue to update my blog to highlight specific prayer requests.

Financial Assistance
After prayer, this is my second greatest need. The cost to deploy each time with CRI is $1000. I am trying to raise funds now for at least two deployments. In addition to that, I need money for vaccinations, travel insurance, prescriptions, gear, and so on. My immediate support-raising goal is $3000. If I can raise enough money, I actually hope to spend much of this year serving in Haiti.

The fastest and easiest route (my preferred method) is to use this link to pay by credit card, bank transfer, or a PayPal account.

If you want your donation to be tax-deductible, you can write checks to IHOP-KC, attach a post-it with my name on it (Christine Wasinger, please do not write this on the check itself) and mail them to:

IHOP Support
3535 E Red Bridge Rd
Kansas City, MO 64137

If you will not be itemizing your tax deductions, please consider giving directly to me. I have to pay 25% tax on any support that I receive through IHOP. If you interested in covering the full cost of my registration for a deployment with CRI, let me know and we can talk about writing the check directly to CRI–also a 501 (c) (3) organization. It looks like I will need to pay $500 and then pay directly for the other $500 of expenses for each deployment (domestic flights, baggage fees, etc.).

Help with Gear
I have started an Amazon wishlist specifically for the gear that I need for Haiti. If you like shopping, this might be a good way for you to get involved. Please select shipping options that will have the gear to my house by February 7th, as I may be deploying as early as the 12th and need time to purchase final items and to figure out how to pack.

Also needed but not yet on this list: a good (strong, lightweight) flashlight, a good headlamp, duct tape.

Ask Your Friends
A lot of people are looking for ways to give towards the relief work in Haiti right now. And I could use all of the prayer and financial assistance that I can get.

Thank you for your help! Thank you for partnering and agreeing with the Father’s compassion for those who are hurting in Haiti.


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