Moving Forward with CRI

February 4, 2010

A lot has happened since my last post. Actually, that is the reason that I have not written in a while. I have been too busy with all of those… happenings.

I will be in Haiti February 27th through March 13th. I will wait until I return from Haiti to determine when (and how long) I will go back again.

The 27th feels so far away, but I am grateful for the time to prepare, pray, and serve before I go. I want be as spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared as I can be when I arrive in Haiti. The more prepared I am, the more effectively I can serve.

I am joining CRI staff to help with mobilization. I am so excited to be jumping on board with them in this way. It is a perfect fit for me and pretty much exactly what I have wanted to do with CRI.

The way that the whole thing came together amazes me. It also amuses me.

Just a few days before everything started moving, I was very frustrated and wrestling with the temptation to give up. In October, I had such clear vision. I knew that my life was going to begin shifting towards greater involvement with CRI. But every step that I made seemed to meet a dead end… or an indefinite delay. I was only able to get involved in a fairly minimal way.

At the end of December, I was offered a job with the business office. I realized that taking the position would interfere with my involvement with CRI. But I also realized that I wasn’t really all that involved with CRI anyway. Did it matter if it prevented me from doing something that I clearly wasn’t doing anyway?

It did matter. And I knew that it mattered.

I wanted to work with the business office. It is probably the most structured place in all of IHOP. Sigh… Comfort. There was also the likely element of some degree of financial security. Pretty appealing. But as much as I wanted to work for the business office, I had deeper desires and unmistakable vision. I knew where I was supposed to be. And I needed to walk in obedience and faith.

A few hours after I made that decision, someone gave me a lengthy prophetic word. It was one of those “read my mail” kinds of situations. The man was probably oblivious to how deeply the Holy Spirit was impacting my heart as he spoke. He talked about the distractions that were coming at me and my determination to stay the course. He talked about the direction that I was about to be moving in and how uncomfortable it was going to be for me.

I was standing in Sean and Laura Malone’s kitchen. The man who spoke was a part of CRI. I wondered if he realized that he was speaking about the ministry that he was a part of and how much it would stretch and challenge me. I knew.

Skipping two whole weeks and hitting only the highlights of what happened after that…

Friday night, I returned to Kansas City from some support-raising time in Texas. Saturday, I met with Jeremy Meeker to discuss becoming his replica (doing mobilization for CRI). Sunday and Monday, I began training as Jeremy’s double while we held our first two-day rapid-training to equip new responders and get them on the ground in Haiti. Tuesday, we had a staff meeting and I began taking a ham radio class (will test to get my license on Saturday morning). Today (Wednesday), I am finally getting caught up on life. Tomorrow, I rest.

There is so much more to say about all of this, but I still have a lot of life to get caught up on. So I am going to call it good in blogland for the night. I am pretty excited, so you can be confident that there is more to come.


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  1. Christine, here’s a resource that might hugely benefit the Haiti efforts and also any other disaster prep.


    Instead of storing water to drink, have the ability to make dirty water into safe water. The video is particularly compelling.

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