February 24, 2010

So… funny story.

I sliced my finger open while trying to open my FIRST AID KIT.

Adding to the humor of the event, I had updated my facebook/twitter status, just minutes before, gushing about how wonderful my knife was and how much I had been using and loving it. Needless to say, the knife and I were on shaky ground again after the finger-slicing event. (I am happy to inform you that we have reconciled.)

I bled a lot. Had to wrap a hair tie tightly around the finger to slow the bleeding enough to clean and bandage it… three times. But I eventually got it all under control. It’s a finger. They do that when you decide to cut into them.

With lots of neosporin and prayer, I am hoping that my finger will be fully healed by Friday. I’m expecting to see the Lord do much bigger things than that while I am in Haiti.

The good news… the knife was very sharp and clean. So I have a pretty clean cut.

The sad thing is that I knew I was going to do it before I did it. And I still did it. I was rushing and didn’t want to be slowed down. Yeah. What a time-saver that was.

Also kind of funny: Ben, one of the guys on my team, cut the same finger. (On his hand. I have not now made a habit of subjecting my fingers to such violence.)

It’s also giving me a little bit of first aid practice. I hope I don’t need it! (I prefer not to mess with things that I know nothing about when my ignorance could injure others.)

Lesson learned.
Finger healing.
And we all got to enjoy a little bit of irony.



  1. Even my dad enjoyed hearing about me hurting myself… due to the amazing irony.

  2. Ha. “Gushing.” Just don’t hurt yourself seriously. And, like John said, it might be better to stay away from guns.

  3. My doctor looked at my finger when I went in for more vaccinations (one of the three still hurts…). He was not too concerned and said that it looked good.

    It is actually healing quite well. This makes me very happy.

    I got little finger protector thingies just in case I need them. I’m not gonna let this thing get infected.

    Oh… and finger bandaids… are awesome.

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