My Team is Awesome

February 24, 2010

For the record, I am pretty excited about the group that I will be working with in Haiti. There are only six of us on our wave (disaster relief drama necessitated trimming our team down).

As I have been praying for them (and with one of them), I am beginning to see little pieces of the things that the Lord has put specifically in different people for this particular wave. It all seems very strategic. God’s pretty good at that strategy stuff. I like us. I like us a lot.

I am also excited about the people who will be there when we arrive. Some people from previous waves are staying for special extended periods of time. I squealed and did little mini-hops in the living room (beside my fully assembled “bug hut”) when I found out one of them was staying.

Please pray for us!

Us are: Adam, Alisia, Barb, Ben, Christine (yay, me!), and Summer.

Yes, I put us in alphabetical order. Yes, I enjoyed using bad grammar. No, I am not proud of myself.


One comment

  1. Praying has commenced!! : )

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