Haiti Revisited – March 2nd

June 15, 2010

This is the first update that I wrote in Haiti. I sent it on March 2nd, our fourth day on the ground.

The most probable reason that I had time to write was the fact that I was sick (mentioned at the end) and incapable of doing much else. I remember writing it on the laptop while laying down. Interesting day.

Ground Team Update, 3.02.10

Our team of six is small, but we feel that the Lord could not have more perfectly assembled our team. We also have the honor of serving with Kynada (Incident Command) and four “extended stay” CRI responders: Johan, Leasa, Carissa, and Krista. We love one another, have a broad spectrum of skills and interests, and work well together. (Though, Ben and Christine arguably should never again try to assemble a tent together.)

We arrived on Saturday night and hit the ground running on Sunday morning. In addition to our regular cleaning and kitchen duties at Quisqueya, we have been focusing much of our time and energy on preparing for Wave 6.5. Only six people are needed for our service to the doctors and nurses at Quisqueya. We want to bless Quisqueya’s relief work, rather than become a burden through excessive housing demands. We have no place here for our new responders to live and are thus getting materials together and finalizing details for satellite locations where we will be sending this new wave of responders on Thursday. Only the six of us (and one leader) will remain when the new teams arrive.

Summer and Alisia (a registered nurse and nursing student) have left the base twice to serve with medical teams in the surrounding areas. Adam also accompanied them to assist with patient transport. They encountered many difficult things on their first day out.

Prayer continues to be a significant element of what we do here. The Lord has met us when we have sought him in prayer and has brought healing, supplies, peace, and strategy for our next steps in Haiti.

With a couple of exceptions, everyone is in good health. Kynada was very sick for a couple of days and Christine is now sick. But we are pulling through!

We are continually encouraged by the many thanks that we receive from the medical teams at Quisqueya. Our service to this base is making a significant difference.

My parenthetical comment about setting up tents was the first hint for many that something may be happening between Ben and I. At this point, most of our team was already watching us expectantly. Ben and I were still mostly oblivious. We definitely enjoyed each other… as friends.



  1. Yes and I can’t wait to put up our new tent. Perhaps we could not sleep and shower for a few days to achieve the full Haiti effect.

  2. Well, I have definitely been making a noble effort at the not-sleeping thing this week. If you hadn’t built that shower, I think the shower-skipping would have been almost unavoidable, too? If I see another huge spider by my bed tonight, I just might be setting up the tent… inside. Hope you don’t mind if I do it alone. I will try to wait.

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