Haiti Revisited – March 5th

June 16, 2010

This was my second update from Haiti. I love the way that the Lord was speaking to us and the way that He kept drawing us into the place of prayer.

Ground Team Update, 3.05.10

Two things are abundantly clear right now. We are in a time of transition… and prayer is key.

In place of the usual packing meeting, Wave 6 had an evening of prayer and prophecy the evening before we left for Haiti. We did spend a decent chunk of time rather impressively squeezing all of the larger non-carry-on items for six people into one 50-pound duffle bag. But this was the only element that resembled what I knew of other packing meetings.

Almost every word that was spoken as we prayed for one another was in direct confirmation of things that had already been prayed over us as we readied to serve. Themes began to arise that described the group. The Lord was appointing our team for a time of breakthrough. He had specific reasons for sending each of us. And He was increasing, in each of us, an expectancy to see signs and wonders.

We have not yet established our long-term base camp. But we know that the Lord has designated a place for it. In fact, we believe that we know where it is. Now begins the journey to that promised place.

At 10am Friday morning, Adam, Ben, Christine, and Leasa all came together for a time of prayer. Honestly, this is one of the most remarkable prayer meetings I have ever attended. The Lord made it clear that it was time for us to leave and begin moving into His plans for the future. It was time for our exodus.

In fact, we could not escape the theme of the exodus.

As we prayed, the Lord highlighted several themes from this time in Israel’s history. To tell them all would require several pages. By the time we had stopped, all four of us were quite eager to begin reading
the book of Exodus.

It was at this time that Adam made a discovery. He was flipping through his Bible to find Exodus when a tab of paper folded out. Four pages of his bible had not been properly cut and had excess paper
attached at the bottom corner. Which pages? The first page was the very beginning of Exodus (continuing through to Exodus 9). Adam later inspected his Bible and found no similar cutting errors.

Later, Ben, Adam and I (Christine) wandered into a classroom that we would soon be cleaning out to make room for a new team of doctors and nurses. Hanging down into the doorway from the inside of the door was
a simple white piece of paper with black lettering on it: “EXODUS.”

Leaving Quisqueya and venturing out like this is a big deal. Needless to say… we are enjoying God’s playful little ways of confirming our steps.

We have also been praying for a few days about a picture that Ben had to describe our present circumstance. A man was climbing a mountain when a ladder was standing right beside him. We began to ask the Lord
what the ladder was. Today, the Lord spoke with unquestionable clarity. The ladder is prayer.

Prayer has become absolutely central to all that we are doing. It feels that everything significant that has happened thus far has happened from the place of prayer. I cannot adequately describe to you
the things that I tangibly felt shift during our time of prayer at 10am.

Transition is coming very quickly. There is a journey ahead of us. But the Lord has appointed this team of people for this task and we are absolutely certain of it. We don’t know details about where we are
going or how we are going to get there. We just know that God is telling us to move now.

Please join with us in praying through this time. Our prayers are moving more than any of our striving or independent efforts. Pray for our team in Leogane. Pray for the nine of us who compose this
transition team (Adam, Alisia, Barb, Ben, Christine, Krista, Kynada, Leasa, and Summer). And pray for the continued relief work that is happening out of Quisqueya Christian School—the Lord is really using
this place.

We know that the Lord has specific plans for us. We know that He wants to speak to us. Pray that we hear with clarity. We want to walk in obedience: steadfast in faith, anchored in hope, and rooted and
grounded in love.

His leadership is perfect.


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