Haiti Revisited – March 7th

June 17, 2010

This was written on our last day at Quisqueya. Shortly after the update was sent, we found out where we were going. He really was teaching us to watch, listen, trust, and obey

Ground Team Update, 3.07.10

In a matter of minutes, we will be leaving Quisqueya and heading for the mountains.

We don’t know yet where we are going. We just know that the Lord said “Go,” and that He told us to go to the mountains. We feel confident that He will continue to lead and direct us to the right place. I personally had a dream last night where the Lord was supernaturally confirming every move that we made. I pray for this to be our reality!

Most of us have packed for one to four days. We will come back to Quisqueya in the morning to collect the rest of our belongings and transport them to Leogane, where our other team is currently ministering.

Future updates may be sparse, and are likely to be typed on a cell phone. But we will keep you in the loop as much as we are able. We covet your prayers!

Please seriously pray for us right now. It is absolutely crucial that we hear clearly from the Lord in this time. Pray for safety, unity, clarity, wisdom, discernment, and provision of all that we need. We know that the Lord has a plan for us. Now it’s time to step into it.

Thank you for pressing in with us! Are you praying yet? 🙂



  1. Just look for the “green gate”

  2. 🙂

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