Haiti Revisited – March 9th

June 18, 2010

This is the first update that I had to type on a cell phone. It may not be that long, but it took a while to type with my thumbs.

I don’t write as well on a phone because the slowness of pace makes it impossible for me to get into a rhythm and I can’t see much of the text at one time to keep track of what I have been saying. So I apologize for anything that this update is lacking in coherence and flow. I was also pretty tired.

Despite the imperfection of my writing, the update is definitely worth your time. God was doing some really cool things!

Ground Team Update, 3.09.10

We have had an incredible journey with the Lord these last few days. He is so faithful and good! Apparently, He was serious about all of those things that He was speaking to us before we left.

Our night on the mountain was amazing. Mountains do good things for the heart. It was quite beautiful up there. And the stars! We had a very good time of intercession. And we left eager to get out and release some of the things that the Lord had given us.

Our next destination was Petit-Goave, where a CRI medical team of five has been serving for the last week. We didn’t know exactly what we were going to do, but we knew that was where we were headed.

When we woke up in Petit-Goave, we had a time of worship and prayer with the other CRI team. The team had just left for their tasks for the day when we heard another team in worship (Misty Edwards song). With permission, we crashed the meeting and spent some time in worship and prayer with the Acts of Mercy team. At the end of that time of prayer, we decided that we wanted to head out into the community. We didn’t have a translator, so we asked the Lord to give us two. We even requested a Christian translator who spoke four languages.

This was the nature of our morning. Prayer. Some of the girls prayed with people who were waiting to be seen in the clinic. Our team nurse worked in the clinic and others worked in the pharmacy. We had a time for individual time with the Lord. And then we prayed for a couple of people who were… in need of prayer.

It was just after we finished praying that he appeared: our Christian translator who spoke all of our requested languages. “Hi. I am a translator.” He had the day off, but had come in anyway. He thought he was coming to advise us to keep our tents zipped up. He soon was enlisted to go out with us and translate.

And so we set out in the afternoon. Adam, Alisia, Ben, Christine, Krista, Grace (wave 6.5), Summer, and Marc-Elie (our translator).

The day was amazing. At our first stop, we prayed with 21 people who wanted to give their lives to Jesus. We also prayed for many to be healed and to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Our driver (who speaks French and very little English) was boldly and enthusiastically preaching the gospel. And a man who had been mute since the earthquake spoke! He was praising the Lord with us at the end when the kids circled around a drum and sang about “Jesus in my heart.”

We also gained our second translator, a close friend of the first. Together with them, we moved on to a tent city (our translator’s home) and prayed with many more people. Even as we were trying to leave, we encountered four consecutive women with similar problems who were all instantly healed.

Our team returned very encouraged and excited to see the Lord continue to move. In all, we know of 9 people that the Lord healed while we were out today.

And now we are exhausted. Tonight is our last night to sleep to the sound of the ocean’s waves and then we join the other CRI teams at the orphanage in Leogane.

The time in the mountains was amazing. Ben and I had talked all week about how much we loved mountains, so it felt like such a gift from the Lord to be up there in the fresh air. And the stars… the stars were incredible. He gave us the gift of enjoying beauty during our time of service in Haiti. I felt so spoiled.

The day that we arrived in Petit-Goave was the day that I realized that more than friendship was developing between Ben and me. I didn’t exactly take the discovery of what was happening in my heart particularly well at first. The combination of that and the fact that I couldn’t say goodbye to my roommate of five years who was moving back to New Zealand the next day had me in a bit of a funk. So… I was one of the two people “in need of prayer” that we prayed for above.

There were so many other amazing things that happened and remarkable answers to prayer. I wish that I’d had the time to write about all of them!


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