Haiti Revisted – March 13th

June 19, 2010

This was my last update from Haiti. I wish I had been able to take the time to write more. There was so much that was happening in those two weeks that we were there. This update was written from Dr. Ed’s house.

Ground Team Update, 03.13.10

We leave Haiti in a few hours. While we are really missing family, but most of us are still not fully ready to leave.

Yesterday, we spent the day at a huge tent city in Petionville. The Petionville golf course is now home to 50,000 people.

With two translators (again an answer to prayer), half of the team (Adam, Barb, and Krista) went through the community to talk and pray with people. One of the translators was a Christian pastor. The second translator renounced voodoo and gave his life to the Lord. (Beautiful!) Numerous people heard the message of the gospel throughout the time that the team was ministering. There were several healings, people weeping with conviction, and a few deliverances. Adam even preached an end-times message to a large crowd.

Divine set-ups were definitely an element of the day. One Christian man had a dream the night before in which Jesus appeared to him and he saw our team at the exact spot where he encountered them. In the dream, he knew that he was to receive the word of the Lord from the team. Adam prayed with the man to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and commissioned him according to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The other half of our team worked in medical clinics at the camp. Alisia essentially became a dentist (dental assistant), doing things that she would never be able to do at home without years of schooling. She pulled a couple of teeth and assisted the clinic dentist in pulling many more.

Summer, Christine, and Ben carried supplies down into the camp and set up a medical clinic, where Summer treated numerous patients. Summer was completely in her element. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Christine and Ben assisted her in whatever ways they could. (Fortunately, pill-counting is an oddly enjoyable activity for Christine – so her role as pharmacist was a good fit.)

It was a good and fruitful day. There were challenges. I saw many things that I know I will be bringing back to the prayer room with me, individuals that I will remember as we continue to pray every day for the nation of Haiti. But I am grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with the Lord in ministering to His beloved people in Haiti.

The spiritual atmosphere in Petionville was very dark and heavy. It amazes me how frequently the Lord has me praying for Petionville and reminds me of the things I saw. I expected it, but not this much.

Our team had a few negative experiences that day as well. Originally, it was just going to be Summer and I doing the clinic down in the camp, but Ben was uncomfortable with me being out of his sight. He came up with a series of excuses that necessitated him accompanying us that day. I certainly didn’t mind. Ben always knew where I was and what was happening around me while we were in Haiti. He was very protective. I’m not gonna lie… it was pretty nice. He even saved me from a bee (I’m allergic) one night at dinner!

It was actually the night before our day in Petionville that Ben and I finally had our DTR (define the relationship talk) where we very quickly established our unmistakable mutual interest in one another. We didn’t start dating at that time, but it was pretty clear where our relationship was headed.



  1. Yeah it was pretty clear that it was headed to marriage in 6 months.

  2. The WHEN definitely wasn’t clear, but the WHERE was hard to question. At least the immediate “where” (dating).

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