Why are INTJ’s Weird? The world* wants to know.

June 29, 2011

Oh the things I would never have known if I had not decided to blog.

Did you know that a lot of people out there think INTJ’s are weird? Did you know that many of those people have searched the internet in hopes of understanding this inherent weirdness?

I didn’t. But my blog stats have made this very clear.

Or perhaps there is merely one distressed individual out there who has been unrelenting in his quest to understand the peculiarity of the INTJ.

Whether I do this for the desperate individual who is so persistently seeking to understand or the curious masses, I offer seven explanation for your consideration.

INTJ’s are weird because…

1. God loves weird things and He likes to make them.

2. INTJ’s compose a relatively small percentage of the population (when compared with the other 15 types). This numerical disadvantage makes them unlikely candidates for the establishment of a societal norm. Simple math.

3. INTJ’s are N‘s (intuitive). They are more abstract and are characterized as being “out there” in more than one sense. S‘s definitely think N‘s are weird. They are different… from an S. And I would wager that a significant number of N‘s would also happily consider themselves to be rather unusual. (I, for one, am such an N.)

4. INTJ’s are I‘s (introverted). I‘s generally tend to be quiet and reserved. This often creates a certain degree of mystery around them. We fear what we don’t  understand. To resolve this discomfort, we tack labels like “weird” onto the unknown so that we can at least pretend to put the uncertainty to rest.

5. INTJ’s are T‘s (thinking). The more I look at the world around me, the more I am convinced that people (on the whole) seldom think. A T, who tends toward actions that are determined rationally, rather than emotionally, is therefore somewhat out-of-place in a generally non-thinking world. (This is not to imply that feelers don’t think. Many T‘s are also non-thinkers who registered as T‘s because they lack compassion or are disturbingly vindictive.)

6. INTJ’s are J‘s (judging). They tend to like structure. Anyone who views structure as something that interferes with one’s freedom would have no choice but to conclude that there is something very odd about the person who craves what they perceive to be imprisonment. Someone who feels claustrophobic in Temple Grandin’s hug machine would certainly look suspiciously upon the individual who was calmed by the machine’s constriction. “That’s just weird.”

7. INTJ’s are weird because INTJ’s appreciate that which is unique, exceptional, or special. (We want to be weird.)

I hope that helps. It’s true… we are weird. It’ll be OK.


* “World,” in this particular case, may be taken to mean “at least one person.”



  1. I am so tired of people thinking I am weird just because God made me an introvert!! I am just the way I am supposed to be. Deal with it!

  2. Ya know, I was just talking to Jalin earlier today about the “weirdness” of the INFPs, because he and I, as well as your dad, share this very accurate label. Like INTJs, we also make up a small percentage of the population. Much of what you wrote is true for us, as well. We like who we are, but we still love you and your TJ-ness. 😉

  3. Chrissy – All INFP’s. This is both terrifying and delightful. (It can be overwhelming to be the only J when spending time with family.) I was just explaining your and my dad’s P-ness to Ben when he was asking further questions about your approaching visit.

    Deb – Amen!

  4. “God loves weird things and He likes to make them.” INTJ and ‘god’ does not mix. INTJ believing in ‘god’ is probably ISTJ in disguise 😉

    • Hey! I resent that!

      Very Strong Minded Scientific INTJ here


      Science and God are not contradictory but rather complimentary!




      • Honestly logical types who believe in God or intelligent types are simply able to better rationalize their beliefs. They they may become harder to persuade because of this.

        Note I am a religious INTJ but as a consequence I am also a non denominational christian that is fairly open to other theories. I simply apply my INJT analysis to mainstream denominations and cannot stand them. This makes it difficult to find suitable churches, but is otherwise fulfilling.

      • Absolutely I agree-

        Im a very very strong believer too and cant stand mainline church people I second that notion!

        My INTJ ness strongly compells me to bring up topics of


        Bible Prophecy/ The Book of Revelation

        The Illuminait/New World Order

        The Rise of Lord Maitreya as the Antichrist and the Coming of the Luciferian One World Order under the Global Religion of New Age

        Shortwave Radio Programs I listen to


        So obviously i cannot coexist with normal know nothing christians!



  5. find me on facebook


  6. please send me a friends’ request! I have no other INTJs to talk to lol

  7. I don’t like being called ‘weird’ because I feel that what I do and who I am is, in most cases, superior to those that like to brandish me with that word but then this then makes me think: I’d rather been see as weird to those people than someone who they can relate it.

  8. As a fellow INTJ and follower of Jesus Christ, I thought you might enjoy this database: http://goo.gl/8HC0Kv


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