I Need Some Tips!

July 16, 2011

A little over a week ago, my dad delivered a 24′ truck full of stuff. A lot of it was my mom’s and the plan was to sell most of it in a huge garage sale.

Well, even if we borrowed our neighbors’ yards, I don’t think we could fit all this stuff out there. And we need money, so I’m looking for good ways to sell some of the stuff in ways that save people lots of money but make a decent handful of cash for us. (After an extended sick leave, I officially quit the job to which I was not well enough to return.)

My mom had many hobbies and collections. And she had excessive quantities of everything. I need to find ways to sell all of the following…

Scrapbooking Supplies:
– Creative Memories, DOTS, etc.
– Quality stamps in great shape
– Scrapbook Papers
– Scrapbooks
– Stickers
– Dye Cuts
– Things I don’t recognize or understand
– Too many things to list right now

Ty Products:
– About 200 Beanie Babies (most of them only worth $4 – $10)
– Several Ty Classic Plush Bears and Cats
– A handful of Beanie Buddies (among the softest stuffed animals ever)
– 4 Attic Treasures

– A lot of tiara glassware
– WAY too much milk glass
– … Other glassware…

Fabric & Sewing Supplies:
– boxes and boxes of fabric
– dozens of zippers
– batting
– miscellaneous other supplies

Cross Stitch Supplies:
– Tons of Aida fabric
– Loop things
– Patterns/Designs
– Kits

Anyone know a good (but not super overwhelming) way to sell any of these things? Any of my friends and readers interested in taking some of this off of my hands (and putting a little cash IN my hands)?

I read the wanted section on craigslist every day. That has helped me lighten the load a little. I have a person who runs antique auctions coming to look at the glassware. Hopefully that will decrease the abundance of glass a bit. I am going to post a few things on eBay, but most of it isn’t really worth the time.

Thoughts? Ideas?



  1. I would try craigslist before ebay. Ebay you have to pay fees and with craigslist it is free and they can come to you or meet somewhere. You could bundle some of the items together for more of a package deal. In the long run you will probably make more cash with selling it via craigslist or ebay. With a garage sale everybody wants stuff for a nickel!! 🙂 But with a garage sale it can all get done in one day . . . . with craigslist and ebay you just need to be patient.
    Betsy 🙂

  2. I agree with the Craigslist suggestion; even if you just mass post it all under general items, you’ll probably still get hits. Might try to ask Mom Damme (the Barb-one) if she wants any of the scrapbook stuff that might be used for cardmaking, etc. A lot of that stuff crosses over categories fairly easy.

    Other idea would be to maybe make a simple tear-off flyer about your sewing stuff and post it at a few local churches, maybe call some and ask the receptionist lady if they have quilting/sewing circles who might be interested in your stuff. Everybody thinks “church” means you have to donate it, but most church folk can be reasonable if gaining a return to deal with financial stress is the game.

    Or, just for kicks, you could pick one focus per weekend (i.e. Scrapbook Supply Sale one week, Stitching and Quilting the next) and have a big sale in your garage/yard of just that sort of thing. Just be wise with advertising if you want to actually make some money. Craigslist is a wonderful tool for this sort of thing.

    Your beanie babies will probably sell better on ebay, honestly, if you want to make money on them at least. Maybe try to sell them as a big set so you don’t have to incur so many fees or watch over so much merch. Selling as a set means you don’t have to fuss over shipping something every few days, too.

    If you have any cute artsy fabrics, maybe try some of the etsy-type ladies at IHOP. I know some of the moms who moved up from ZHOP were into sewing things and selling them; they might enjoy perusing your fabrics and notions.

    Gosh, get me into selling-mode and I just go to town, eh? If I was there, I’d be delighted to take the bulk of it off your hands and sell it for you… : ( Makes me miss you muchly.

    Good luck, though! Hope you get great returns!

  3. Thanks for the tips ladies! Very helpful. I think I am going to try to lean more heavily upon craigslist as a means of clearing out some of the stuff. I might also try the IHOP list, but I don’t know if anyone other than me actually looks at that thing.

  4. ooo! i used to scan the iyop! : ) of course i don’t anymore… but i did!

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