Missing the Sunless

August 3, 2011

The time has come at last. I am taking a hint from all of these health issues and will be adopting a more conventional schedule for a little while. No longer missing the sun, I am missing the sunless.

Because my condition and/or the side-effects of my medication were severely limiting my mental capacity, we decided that I would not be returning to the complex requirements of my System Integration position in the IHOP Business Office. This meant a significant cut  in  our joint income, and Ben had to leave his responsibilities in the transportation department to get a job that would fill the gap in our monthly budget.

We are now in the middle of Ben’s first week of working with the IHOP maintenance department. We are so grateful that he did not have to seek employment outside of IHOP and we are amazed by the way that God worked out the timing and took care of our needs, yet again. I have the freedom to focus on getting well without trying to find a way to help make ends meet. I’m also excited about the new opportunities Ben has to build relationship with some pretty cool guys.

Unfortunately, this change also required a change in our schedule. Ben’s work-day starts at 12:30 PM, so we have to shift our schedule up a few hours. We are still planning on doing some NightWatch hours during this time, and we have every expectation of eventually returning to the NightWatch. We just can’t swing midnight to 6am right now.

I have always known that there were advantages to being on a relatively normal schedule and I have every intention of enjoying those advantages while I have them. No matter how many benefits a day schedule offers me, though, I am definitely going to miss the NightWatch.

While I have been stuck at home sick, I have at least been able to join in intercession with my friends through that wonderful 24/7 webstream. It has already been strange to not be participating in those prayer meetings every night. At least I have archives when I really need to see all of those beautiful, pale faces. (Though, the NightWatch community is definitely looking much more tan right now. Summer never leaves the NightWatch truly sunless.)

So, to my NightWatch friends: goodbye for a little while. I hope to see you again really soon!


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