Fleeing to the North

August 5, 2011

I can’t take the heat anymore! I’m running away to Montana! I refuse to return until this place can offer me some better weather! Perhaps the end of September?

OK, so I am not actually running away to get away from the heat. But I am going to Montana and I will be gone for a fairly long time.

Next Saturday, I am flying to Spokane, Washington, the home of the Washington Wasingers. On Sunday, my favorite uncle will drive me across the northern sliver of Idaho and into Missoula, Montana.

Most of my extended family is in or around Montana and I hope to see many of them. I will be staying with my mom’s family in Stevensville for about a month and a half. A month and a half in the mountains… GLORY!

Unfortunately, this trip will not be without its down-sides. I’m going without Ben! Five weeks without that delightful husband of mine are going to be pretty rough. I won’t get to see him until the sixth week of my visit, when he drives up to retrieve me.

Why am I really going?

For the last several months, I have had a very strong desire to be in the mountains and a deep longing to see my family. Ben and I kept talking about trying to plan a visit, but it was starting to seem less and less feasible. And then the Lord spoke to us.

I am so grateful that God decided to raise the topic with both of us. The idea of spending this much time away from my husband seemed too strange to suggest in our first year of marriage. I had been struggling for a few weeks to get the idea out of my head when Ben came home from the prayer room one night and asked what I thought about being in Montana without him for a little while. I don’t think he knew this at the time (because he couldn’t see my face), but I started crying the instant that Ben asked how I would feel. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

We both believe that my visit to Montana is going to be a significant time of healing. The whole of my agenda while I am up there will be to rest, read, write, and talk to God. We know that there is a lot that He wants to accomplish in me during that time.

Ben will be in town with me for about three days before we have to start heading home. That will allow us a day to spend with my dad’s family, a day to spend with my mom’s family, and the possibility of a day to spend alone in a state we adore. On the drive home, we will be staying with my aunt in Billings. She tells me this may involve an anniversary cake like the one that she made for our wedding last September. [Insert squeals of delight]

When we leave Billings, we will then spend two days in Colorado Springs. The first day, we will be celebrating our anniversary and enjoying the city. The second day, we want to check out a couple of ministries and visit with a handful of friends.

I know this is going to be a very good trip and that God has lots of surprises waiting around the corner. Perhaps the emphasis on writing and the significance of this trip will even result in a less neglected blog.


One comment

  1. oh, i’m rather jealous! i miss the mounains… you’re going to have such a blessed time of refreshing! enjoy it, lady. sweet times like that are few and far between!

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