Why We are Moving

January 15, 2012

In less than two months, Ben and I will be moving to Colorado Springs. It is the biggest decision we have made since the covenant of marriage and we are very excited about where God is taking us.

For me, personally, this move has been in the making for more than five years. In fact, I was still a Fire in the Night intern when the Lord began to give me vision for what is now our next step.

When I went on staff as an intercessory missionary at IHOP-KC, I knew that I would eventually leave to help build a smaller house of prayer. I have held a deep conviction that the Lord wants to draw together communities of worshippers in every tribe and nation who will commune with Him in the place of night and day prayer. The prayer movement that God is orchestrating around the globe will be manifest and expressed in many different ways. The dream of my heart has been to participate in raising up houses of prayer all around the world.

The Lord has made clear my calling as an intercessor. I expect that I will walk this out in the context of some kind of house of prayer for the rest of my days. There are a lot of things that I could do with my skills and strengths, but I belong in the place of prayer as my primary occupation.

The Lord has also given me a unique invitation to partner with Him in the place of prayer through the night watches. I am “NightWatch for life.” This doesn’t mean that I will not have temporary seasons of living in the day like a normal human being, but the Lord has set me in the night and has even given me a love for this bizarre lifestyle.

So what will we be doing in Colorado Springs? Well, all of that. But you will have to wait until my next post for all of the details.



  1. I’ve never really done more than a couple nights worth of prayer before but am feeling like God’s pressing me to lead our annual Lenten 24-7 40 Day Prayer Vigil during the Night Watch. I found your blog on a Google search for ‘night watch prayer’. I’m wondering if you have advice, teaching, funny stories etc. for me as I get ready in heart and spirit to lead others into a heart and spirit to be with Jesus through the night?

    • Brian, I am so sorry that I have not replied before now.

      Goodness, I feel like there are so many stories and snippets of useful information I could share from my years of serving on the NightWatch, and yet nothing distinctly stands out in my mind. The biggest thing that keeps me motivated and focused in prayer through the night is the simple fact that God is worthy of worship and friends who will agree with his heart in the middle of the night.

      I hope your prayer vigil has been fruitful and a time of encounter.

      This does remind me of a prayer vigil I once participated in during holy week, on my night off from the prayer room. It was such a sweet time of prayer. 🙂

      • Thank you for your encouragement, Christine. Hope things are well for you in CO!

  2. Are you in the Springs? Did you make it? Please feel me in 🙂

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