Three-Finger Posting

April 14, 2012

I am writing this post simply to inform you that I have a great desire to blog right now. I just lack practical means of doing this.

Our budget is extremely tight right now. This means that little luxuries like internet at home just aren’t within our reach right now. (Want to partner with us and help change that reality? By all means, contact me!)

I love my phone and I love the fact that I can blog on my phone. But I don’t really love the time it takes to type an entire post with three fingers. (Yes, I type with three fingers. The thumb of my left hand and the index and middle fingers of my right hand. A friend on the NightWatch has told me I should teach iPhone typing lessons.)

So, there you have it. There is plenty to say right now. I’m just not saying it. 🙂


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