Really? A Book?

April 21, 2012

For most of my life, people have been telling me to write. And I have actually always wanted to write a book. But by that, I mean that I saw myself being an author some time in the far distant future… you know, once I was qualified and all.

And then something changed. I honestly don’t know exactly what happened in the midst of the events that I am about to describe.  I just know that I am now determined to write a book… in the immediate future… now.

April 1st was my first official day working at an Intercessory Missionary at Every Home for Christ. Sadly, I woke up with a cold that day and therefore missed a good chunk of my first week. But it was only a cold, not the end of the world. It looked especially small next to the year and a half I was just coming out of, the year and a half of being extremely ill with no answers.

Well, I must have been consistently taking something or eating something containing gluten that week. (Perhaps it was the mashed potatoes I consumed with every meal because they felt so amazing on my throat.  Perhaps it was cold medication. We thought we were being careful.)

We still have not identified the source of gluten. I just know that by that Friday, some scary things were happening in my digestive system and I was beginning to feel quite sick again. We were even beginning to wonder if there was more going on than Celiac Disease. I thought about my family history and started to wonder if I needed a colonoscopy to find something that had been beyond the reach of my endoscopy.

Talk about discouraging. I was on the road to healing! I knew it was a process and would take some time. I was still sick, but it was a night and day difference from how I had been feeling prior to the diagnosis and elimination of gluten. A setback of this magnitude? Not cool. I found myself once again fighting desperately to cling to hope.

Tuesday night I was up all night feeling extremely sick, but extraordinarily hopeful. And that is when it happened. Whatever it was.

I had my journal in my lap and suddenly found myself writing about the book that I was going to write. I was flooded with vision and determination. As the hours of pain and nausea crept on, I was enthusiastically laying out a 5-page outline of the book’s chapters.

I will surely talk more about the book in the weeks to come. (You know, what it’s about and all of that.) Talking about it gives me some level of accountability to follow through. I am doing my best not to talk myself out of it. I am pretty young and lack credentials. At the same time, though, I know that I actually do have some authority on the topic. So I am unapologetically ignoring the voice of the accuser and moving forward with the Lord in what is sure to be a glorious endeavor. Even if no one else were ever to read the book, writing it is going to do amazing things for my own soul.

All of that said, I do welcome your words of encouragement and exhortations to keep moving forward. All the little discouraging voices and the tendency to tell myself I am not qualified are pretty persistent. So… if you want to remind me that this process is really good for me and that I am doing this for a reason, please do!

I actually want to try to get the thing published. I believe the topic I am writing about is important enough to merit the effort. And if a publisher doesn’t want to jump on board, I will take the self-publishing route. From what I have seen, self-publishing looks remarkably easy.

I’m excited!



  1. Yes! You absolutely can and should. The publishing industry has changed vastly and even “big name” writers have sometimes self-published. I wrote a book on worship dance, which was mostly scripture with some narrative written around it. There wasn’t a pure Bible study on dance on the market, mostly just prophetic dance. I used a POD service (publishing on demand). It cost me about $7–you simply pay for a proof copy and then make it available online. The Bohlenders used the same service for their hard copy books. My book is now on Kindle too. I have sold like 120-something maybe. WAY more than I would have expected. Slowly, people find it on Amazon and then they buy it. A few weeks ago I sold 30ish books. Seriously? It won’t make you a lot of money (but neither does using a publisher really, unless you are a highly marketable name–most authors who do it full time have very low salaries). You are obviously writing for the write reasons–meaning NOT for money! And you write very very well (and that’s a professional opinion too). Totally realistic and doable. I’m excited for you!

    • Thank you for the encouragement! The fact that these words of encouragement are coming from you makes them especially meaningful. I value your input! Thanks for the practicals, too. Self-publishing is becoming more and more appealing as I look into it. Right now, I am using publishers’ proposal forms to help me cast vision for the book. I am finding it very helpful to answer the questions now of “Why?” and “For whom?” as I set out to write.

      • Awesome! Your organization skills plus writing talent, mixed with the authority on the subject matter, will make this successful. Take a look at createspace.com They have lots of options but the bottom line is their free stuff is plenty to market and sell.

  2. I have always thought you were an amazing writer and I am beyond excited at the prospect of you writing a book. Can I preorder a copy now 😉

    • Thanks, friend. I’ll be sure that you get one of the first copies available. 🙂

  3. As long as you don’t call it “just friend” or “more than friends” I think it will be awesome…just kidding.

    Go for it Christine, even if it was never published what a wonderful way to help you articulate the message the Lord has for you. However, if it is published I will look forward to reading it, I miss you

    • Haha. Just Friends. I would never write that book without you! 😉

      I do think the writing process is going to do wonders for my ability to articulate these things. It should be very fruitful, in many ways.

  4. I’m honestly more than a little nervous about how close I should get to this (for all kinds of reasons that I think you probably know), but I’m happy, excited and full of eager expectation. 🙂

    You are obviously an excellent writer and thinker. What’s more, your heart is alive, so IMO, that makes what you write both more meaningful and more compelling.

    In every way that I can think of you’re qualified … and then some.

    • Thanks, Dad. 🙂 I figured you would say something along those lines. But I appreciate your actually saying it.

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