Almost Two Years

August 9, 2012

Ben and I are a month and a half short of our second anniversary. It has been a difficult two years of living out the “in sickness” portion of our vows, but I am so grateful to have had this amazing man by my side throughout this battle for my health.

I always meant to blog more about meeting and marrying Ben. I simply never found the time. Ben and I exchanged vows four months and two days after he proposed, barely satisfying the four-month minimum that I had set for myself after helping in a couple of short-engagement weddings. It was a very busy four months. By the time we were actually married, I was already becoming quite ill and was exceptionally busy working in IHOP-KC’s business office.

I’m still very sick, but I’m certainly less busy.The physical and emotional struggles of being sick for this long have made it difficult to blog. Much of my day-to-day life right now is sickness and pain and I guess I have been hesitant to talk about that. I haven’t even managed to post anything in the last two months.

Nonetheless, I am determined to try.

I have decided that the Ben story is a good place to start. I promised a long time ago that I would eventually blog about all of it. It is also a beautiful thing to spend time thinking about.

Honestly, I have every intention of copying a bunch of it from what I wrote on our wedding website. It is a way to get the ball rolling without having to pour too much time into it on the front end. Once I’ve warmed up, I’ll start doing more actual writing again.

Look for many posts about my awesome husband becoming my awesome husband in the days to come.


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