Ben’s Version

August 11, 2012

This is Ben’s version of how we met. He wrote this for our wedding website and, once again, I copied and pasted for this post.

How I Ended Up With the Girl of My Dreams
I met Christine in the prayer room one night. I had recently decided to go to Haiti with a Crisis Response International (CRI) to help with cleaning up some of the devastation of January’s earthquake. Christine was on staff with the CRI, and also on the NightWatch at the International House of Prayer (IHOP). She came to me one night, and asked if she could talk to me in the lobby. She explained that she knew that I was a part of CRI and was going to Haiti with my group. She wanted to know if I would help her start a prayer meeting that would take place every night and focus on Haiti and CRI’s presence there. So for two weeks we prayed together every night for an hour, with others from the NightWatch. Other than a long text conversation a couple of days before Haiti and a last minute trip to Sams the night before the trip we had little interaction until we were in Haiti.

While in Haiti I got to know this amazing woman. All the rough jobs I would raise my hand for she would jump in too. I will spare you the details, but this girl has a servant’s heart. We got to know each other in the context of service and prayer. We both got more of a heart for Haiti as well, and look forward to returning. Free time, meal time, and working, we were side by side. So there we were spending every waking minute together, and I was wondering what was developing (I found out later everyone else in the group was wondering too). I knew she liked me, but I still thought it might be like a “really good friend” kind of like. On the second to last day of the trip we talked about it. I found out that yes, she did in fact like me. About half way through the trip she had been gone from the rest of us for most of the day. As she was returning she realized how much she had missed the group. However when she arrived where we were she realized that it was me she really missed. We waited until we returned to the States to make things official. We wanted to make sure that it was not something that simply developed because of the large amount of time that we spent together, and would evaporate when we got back.

As it turns out she already had a great way to test this all lined up. Not even twenty four hours after returning to Kansas City, she was boarding a plane for Texas. This was hard. I had seen her every day for two weeks, and we had just established how we felt about each other. I prayed about her and for her every day. At the time I was in between jobs getting ready to go full time at IHOP. I had a flexible schedule and I wanted to meet her family. So about half way through her two week trip I told her I was coming to get her and to meet her dad and step-mom. And that’s what I did. At that point we were officially dating with a sharp eye to the future of the relationship. I think we knew pretty quickly that we would get married.

Some weeks later she and I drove to Kentucky for her to meet my family, and to give me an opportunity to raise support. We were there for ten days and then drove back. Shortly after that when there was an obvious break in the transition of my schedule, she and I took a quick trip down to Texas so that I could have a talk with her Dad. I think he along with everyone else was surprised by the speed of things, but we just knew. Her dad and I talked and the next day we were heading back to Kansas City so I could find a ring.


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