The Proposal

August 13, 2012

This is an exceptionally brief synopsis of Ben’s proposal. While the brevity may actually be appealing, it was really more of a concession on my part. After weeks of failing to get the story up on our wedding website, I finally threw in the towel and gave it the few seconds that I had available to write. This is what resulted:

Ben picked me up at 4pm with my favorite Starbucks drink waiting in the truck. Great start.

We went to the Nelson Atkins museum and took in much beauty. I made him stare at my favorite painting for a long time. Delightful.

After all the art, we had steak at Hereford House. (Who doesn’t want to marry a guy who will give them Starbucks, art, and steak in the same day.)

At dinner, Ben told me some information he had learned about our favorite little park. Apparently, we had been hanging out in Israel… or the next best thing in Kansas. Gezer Park exists because of Leawood’s sister city relationship with the Gezer region of Israel, and thus possesses some really great qualities (which are being omitted for the sake of a rough summary).

As I hoped, we then proceeded on to the park. My friends (Sarah and Courtney) had set everything up for him. (Everything being a lantern and some flowers under the red ceder and Israel-stone shelter.)

He asked said that he thought it would be great if I married him, I said “yes” something that indicated that I was willing to do so… and now we are getting married! [Well… actually… now we are married.]


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