Let’s Get Real Again

April 12, 2013

As my older posts demonstrate, my writing style is very open and vulnerable. And I think that is a good thing. My words here have only positively impacted other people when they have been raw and honest. And I don’t think anyone is reading this thing to admire beautifully flowing sentences or remarkable articulation. (This isn’t exactly the most reliable place to find such things.)

As it turns out, my words also have an amazing ability to repeatedly offend a particular individual who does not know me well. Because I do not want to hurt people and because the feeling of being misunderstood is incredibly tiresome, I have been applying some pretty heavy filters to my words and actions over the last… while.

The bad thing about these filters is that they make it nearly impossible to be myself or to write a transparent blog. Since I see little value in writing something that is not real and open, it has been difficult to motivate myself to write much of anything while those constraints have been in place.

Now that I am beginning to understand this self-inflicted writer’s block, I have decided that it is time to break through. I definitely don’t write with the intention of being offensive. But I am no longer pouring all of my energy into a vain effort to prevent something that I honestly cannot control.

You can take that as a disclaimer or an apology. If my vulnerability (or who I am) is offensive to you, I would recommend staying away from this blog. And for those  of you who want the honesty… I am sorry for withholding myself for so long. Hopefully… I am back.



  1. Welcome back!

  2. Way to go, girl! I love vulnerable posts. We can’t control someone elses emotions and offenses anyway…

  3. I stopped blogging… twice… for the same reason. It became not worth it to me to publicly share my heart or even my daily life because no matter how completely not-about-this-person/group of people everything I wrote was, it was always, without fail, received personally and used against me. I gave up. I commend you for giving it another go, and encourage you in doing so. I sincerely (as in really truly sincerely) hope your courage is well-met and that your inspiration and motivation are no longer squelched by the pressures and offenses of others. I enjoy you and your writing and earnestly look forward to reading more from you soon. Love you, friend.

  4. I’m glad you are back

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