Camping in the Rain

August 4, 2013

I grew up living in mobile homes. While that obviously wasn’t the height of luxury, I loved it when it rained. The soothing, steady sound of the drops hitting the roof lulled me into blissful sleep like nothing else. And when sleep eluded me, I would simply lay there, calm and content.

Now, in our town home, I often wake up and realize that I have been oblivious to the rain falling outside my bedroom window. I still get excited when it rains (now that I have finally escaped the land of oppressive humidity), but I miss out on that glorious rain sleep.

Today is different. Today, I’m laying in my tent in the middle of a “gloomy” August afternoon. The rain has been falling for a while, it’s intensity ebbing and flowing like ocean waves on the shore. Joy and peace, however, have washed over me with steadily increasing intensity.

I think people usually need a sedative to find this kind of tranquility. Me? I just need some rain, a good tent, and the Holy Spirit.

Ben wasn’t here when the rain started. He had forgotten the all-important chocolate for the s’mores and we decided it was worth venturing out to get some. He came back a little while ago, but I texted him and recommended that he stay in the old ’88 Trooper to keep him (and everything else) dry. I would still enjoy his company, but my little introvert heart is far from lonely in this ideal setting.

I guess people usually get upset when their camping trips are interrupted by rain. Things get wet and muddy. Activities are hindered. I, however, could not be happier about the fact that it is raining. I arrived exhausted but know I will leave the tent energized. And it won’t even require a nap! Not that I won’t eventually fall asleep if the rain persists.

Speaking of which… I’m going to put my phone away and let the rain do it’s thing.


One comment

  1. I definitely prefer dry camping, but I can see how it’s soothing. (Until you need to get up to answer the call of nature!)

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