Guide to Acronyms

At IHOP, we use acronyms with an absurd frequency. As it turns out, we use them like crazy at EHC, as well. (Ha! I just referred to both of them by their acronyms.)

In all, the acronyms can get a little confusing. This guide should help you to understand me when I accidentally slip into IHOP-ese and… EHC-ese (jumbled cheese?). It also enables me to refer to some of these things as if we all know what I am talking about. (Clarifying the acronyms every time would be a little exhausting, wouldn’t it?)

I am not at IHOP anymore, but my older posts still contain some of the acronyms below. Therefore, I am keeping the most recent update of my IHOP acronym guide on here for anyone reading through the archives. I won’t continue to update the IHOP list, but will hopefully maintain the EHC list as we continue to complicate life by making long names and turning them into acronyms.


CPA – Community Prayer Advocate
Of all the acronyms I have ever personally held a grudge against, this is the one that bugs me the most. You definitely don’t want to ask our CPA’s to answer complicated tax questions. If you have questions about our prayer room, though, these are the people to see. Ben currently serves as a CPA, helping facilitate prayer at EHC’s headquarters.

EHC or EHFC – Every Home for Christ
This is the awesome ministry where my husband and I are now serving. Every Home for Christ is currently taking the gospel home to home in more than 100 nations.

IM – Intercessory Missionary
Prayer missionaries.

PCM – Prayer Corps Missionary


ATCAwakening Teen Camp

This is our summer teen internship, formerly known as STI. The whole missions base gets turned up-side-down and there are little spurts where the coffee shop and book store are so crowded that I want to go hide in a corner and cry. But… hundreds of teenagers’ lives also get turned up-side-down in a really good way, so ATC is absolutely worth the temporary discomfort.

BPW – Bridegroom Prayer Watch
Every Friday and Saturday, from 6 PM to Midnight, we move the prayer room down to the FSM building. EGS services take place during the BPW.

CEC – Children’s Equipping Center
This is not your usual children’s church. Directed by Lenny LaGuardia, our CEC really is about equipping children to love and serve God. These children do Harp and Bowl intercession, pray (effectively) for healing, and prophesy in that read-your-mail kind of way. Like you will often hear them say, the same Holy Spirit that is in us is also in them.

CRI – Crisis Response International
CRI is a disaster response ministry that has now become a part of IHOP’s Justice Division. It is also an answer to questions and fulfillment of longings and desires that I have carried within my heart for years.

EGS – Encountering God Services
We have these every Friday and Saturday night. Fridays focus on intimacy. Saturdays focus on urgency/eschatology. Good stuff. When I was an intern (2003), we had EGS five nights a week. In some contexts, our Sunday night services (FCF) are also referred to as EGS. I always want to call these EGS services… which is sadly redundant. I can’t say that the redundancy always stops me, though.

FBS – Forerunner Bookstore
IHOP’s bookstore. A fantastic bookstore, if I might say so myself. Within the bookstore, we often use FBS to refer to the store that is next to the prayer room, and FSM to refer to the store that is in the FSM building. We aren’t entirely consistent with this usage, though.

FCF – Forerunner Christian Fellowship
This is essentially IHOP’s church. We have three services on Sunday (currently 8:30, 10:30, and 6:00). Those these are properly known as our FCF services, they may also be referred to as an EGS.

FMA – Forerunner Music Academy
This is our music school. However, I have heard that the name is changing on this one. (FYI, name changes happen like crazy around here.)

FSM – Forerunner School of Ministry
This is our bible school. It is not accredited, but, as it turns out, there are more important things than accreditation. It’s an EXCELLENT school. I have served as a TA and CA for a friend’s FSM classes.

CA – Classroom Assistant
This can really refer to any non-TA assistant.

GA – Grading Assistant
Remarkably enough, these people assist with grading.

TA – Teaching Assistant
This is the highest tier of FSM assistants. These assistants may, at times, help with actually teaching the class. At the time when I was Richard’s TA, however, I did no teaching. There simply was no such thing as a GA or a CA.

FSM – Forerunner School of Ministry, the building
Naturally, FSM is regularly used to refer to the FSM building, itself. This is where our FSM classes are held, but it is also where our NSM classes, EGS and FCF services, and FMA practice rooms are located.

GEC – Global Equipping Center
This used to be our online school. This has changed to IHOPU-DL.

GPR – Global Prayer Room
This is our primary prayer room. Since the launch of the JPR, we had to give it a name, to distinguish between the two when we are talking about them. Since this is the prayer room that is broadcast live on television and webstream around the globe, it is naturally the Global Prayer Room.

GPRT – Global Prayer Room Team
GPRT is time that is spent on the first four rows in the prayer room. This came into existence when we asked people to sign up (primarily within their worship teams and prayer room teams) for slots of time where they would help strengthen the meeting (encouraging the people who are leading the meeting from the stage and helping to lead those who are watching around the world) by sitting in the first few rows and engaging in the set in a focused way. Laptops are not allowed and it is asked that non-corporate activities like journaling be kept at a minimum.

HG – Higher Grounds
The coffee shop has a two-word name, so some people can’t resist referring to it as HG. I don’t think I ever do this on the blog. But I didn’t want it to feel left out.

IHOP – International House of Prayer
That’s us. And that’s what we do. We pray.

IHOP – Intercession, Holiness, Offerings to the Poor, Prophetic
Our (really God’s) endeavor at being as confusing as possible. These are the “four heart standards” of IHOP. They are central to all that we do.

IHOP-KC – International House of Prayer, Kansas City
That is more specifically us. What we do and where we are. Praying in Kansas City.

IHOPU – International House of Prayer University
This is the new name for our IHOP academic structure. Included in IHOPU are the Call Institute, FSM, FMA, NSM, and… surely others that I am not aware of at this time.

IHOPU-DL – International House of Prayer University Distanced Learning
This is the new name of our eSchool, which offers online versions of some of our FSM’s best classes. I am currently serving as the online tutor for Mike Bickle’s Song of Solomon course. This is essentially the same as being a TA. Students watch videos of Mike, but I grade their assignments and answer questions. I will be tutoring another class as soon as it is up and running.

JPR – Justice Prayer Room
This is the second prayer room to launch at IHOP. It is primarily used, right now, as a training ground for singers, musicians, worship leaders, and intercessors. It is not currently running 24/7. Eventually, we will have 5 full-time prayer rooms on the missions base. This prayer room is anything but global. It is fairly reminiscent of the old prayer room days… iffy sound, weird seating, slightly-better-than-tolerable singers and musicians. Its rough and real… and I love it.

MA – Media Apprentice
These are the people who do all of the hard work to run our 24/7 webstream and live television broadcasts with God TV. Lots of cameras, lots of sound things, lots of other stuff that I know nothing about, lots of work. I pseudo-taught Allen Hood’s Daniel Class to a group of these interns in 2008.

NSM – Night School of Ministry
As I understand it, this no longer exists. There are many difficulties in making a ministry school NightWatch friendly. NSM was a new school, separate from but closely related to FSM. The school was intended to be its own entity under IHOPU.

NW – NightWatch
I usually refer to us as Night Watch, but I believe the official format is NightWatch, so I am working hard to conform to style standards. This is the beautiful community of people who man the prayer room from midnight to 6 AM each night.

PR – Prayer Room
Pretty straightforward. This may refer to the location (but now we have two of them, the GPR and JRP) or the nature of a segment of time (Prayer Room time would be time spent IN one of the two prayer rooms and is considered as being distinct from service or team-building hours, which may also take place in the prayer room).

PRT – Prayer Room Team
All full-time and part-time staff are required to be on a prayer room team. The team leader serves as the individual’s supervisor. This provides accountability in what we do, and creates a place where we can really run together with a group of like-minded individuals in our pursuit of God, servanthood, truth, and prayer.

RBC – Red Bridge Center
This is the old strip-mall, on Red Bridge, where you will find the GPR, Higher Grounds, and the Forerunner Bookstore, among other things.

ST – Sacred Trust

This is the form that we turn in with all of our prayer room, team-building and service hours. All full-time staff do 24 weekly hours in the prayer room and 24 hours of service and team-building. Part-time staff do 12 and 12. Operations staff (also considered full-time) do 12 and 36 (heavy on the service end). And Prayer Room Staff simply do 6 hours of prayer room time. On the form, we use the following abbreviations:

P – Prayer Room Hours
These are our hours where we are committed to serve in the prayer room.

S Service Hours
This can include anything from cleaning the bathrooms and administrative tasks to playing an instrument or singing on a set for a worship team.

T – Team-Building Hours
These hours include worship team and prayer room team briefings and debriefings, E12s, staff meetings, home groups, and other similar activities.

STI – Summer Teen Internship
As of summer 2008, this is now known as the Awakening Teen Camp. The acronym was changed for understandable reasons (as STDs now have an “infections” acronym).

STO – Sacred Trust Office
This is where we turn in our Sacred Trust forms. Most official staff-y things go through these people.


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