Pancakes? What?

So… you may have come across the term “IHOP” numerous times while reading my blog. If you DIDN’T end up at my blog because you know me personally or through a chain of other IHOP blogs… I thought it might be kind to clue you in on what on earth I am talking about.

The IHOP I am referring to (unless you see the explicit mention of pancakes) is the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. I don’t spend my days and nights at a pancake house in Kansas. I spend my days and nights ministering to the Lord in Missouri. (On that note, some of my closest friends still think that I live in Kansas. Why? Why did the city have to sprawl two states?)

At the center of the IHOP missions base is our 24/7 prayer room. In this room, we continually minister to the Lord through night and day prayer. It’s a prayer meeting that began over 10 years ago and has no intentions of stopping before the Lord returns.

I have the privilege of serving on the NightWatch — the crazy community of people who keep the fire on the altar going from midnight to 6am every night. (For those who are confused… we have no literal altar and no literal fire. Though, the fire alarm does randomly go off quite a bit during the summer months. When we talk about the fire on the altar, we are simply likening our responsibility of night and day prayer to the responsibility of the Levitical priesthood to keep the fire on the altar continually burning–Leviticus 6:12.)

To learn more about IHOP, check out the website.

Almost daily, people end up at my blog through searches on the phrase “ihop cult” or “is ihop a cult” and the like. I expect that the words of a suspected brainwashed cult member will hold little sway, but I assure you, we are not. It’s amazing the suspicions that arise when hundreds of people give their lives to serve the Lord in night and day worship and intercession and adopt lifestyles of simple living and extravagant giving. Everyone talks about living the sermon on the mount. It’s scary when people actually try to do it (though we are as weak and broken as anyone else in our daily attempts).

In my desire to refrain from confusing all of my readers, I have created an index of weird IHOP acronyms or language that I am likely to use quite frequently. Sometimes I slip into IHOPese and don’t even realize it. (Wait a minute… no wonder they think we’re a cult!)

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions about what I do.

Happy reading!



  1. Need some direction, God spoke we heard, now it time to be obedient. We are moving to the Grandview area some time in July to began the process of getting DNA of IHOP, FCF and so forth. We are in are mid and late forties needs some contact for questions and fellowship. We are selling everything 25 year of accumulation and selling the house. Bought a 5th wheel just the wife, soon to be 17 year old son and myself. You must get a lot of new faces with what God’s doing. God T.V. has been such a blessing in getting the heart beat of IHOP.

  2. I am confused by the term “ministering to the Lord” How do we his creation minister to Him. I can see how you can glorify the Lord, but ministering to Him seems…odd. I could just have read it wrong. let me know where why you guys say minister to the Lord

  3. Brian – I have responded via email.

    Jess – The answer to this question is primarily centered in how you define “minister”. …

    I have a breifing with my worship team in a few minutes, so I will do my best to more fully respond to this soon.

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