Partner with Me: The Vision

I could not serve full time at the International House of Prayer without the financial support of others. It is a stewardship requirement (faithfully paying my bills while serving 50+ weekly hours at IHOP) and a staff requirement (we must meet the minimum income level to remain on staff).

I have the privilege of serving on the NightWatch — the midnight to 6 AM portion of our 24/7 prayer schedule. I work while most people are sleeping and sleep while most people are working. This further complicates any temptation I may have to try to find a part-time job (even on the missions base) to supplement my income while serving full-time at IHOP.

As pride-crushing, intimidating, and unpleasant as asking for money can sometimes be… I have actually come to view this task ministry of an intercessory missionary as a privilege. No, really! I have! I’ll explain…

First of all: I love writing updates, blogs, and newsletters. I love sharing the vision of IHOP and keeping people connected with what is happening in our community.

I know there are people who share the vision and values of this ministry but are presently not able or simply not called to give themselves full-time to serving in this community. My communications help people be involved in what we are doing AND they strengthen and encourage me as I continue choosing to give my time and my energy to the occupation of prayer.

Second: I know the blessing of giving.

Extravagant giving is one of the four heart standards of our ministry. We, as a community, are committed to offerings to the poor and continue striving to learn and grow in this discipline.

One of my dreams (and goals as an IHOP intercessory missionary) is to be in a position where I can support other intercessory missionaries. For a short season, I had the opportunity to give a significant percentage of my income (beyond tithes) in this way. And I found it to be a place of incredible blessing. While that season has ended (because it was pulling me away from my primary vision and calling, giving myself fully to the NightWatch), I still have a vision (and confident expectation that God will make a way) to give in this way.

Thus, I know from first-hand experience the way God pours out His abundant goodness upon us when we choose to partner with him through giving. Why, then, would I hold back from inviting others to this place of blessing?

Third: I know that there are people who God has called and positioned to prosper in business and sow finances into the kingdom. By humbling myself to depend upon the faithfulness and generosity of others, I allow these people to walk in their calling as I walk in mine.

Fourth: It puts me in a position of leaning upon and trusting God’s goodness and provision.

I KNOW that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. I KNOW that He sees my needs. I KNOW that He is a good Father and delights in giving good gifts. And I KNOW that He is faithful.

As Christians, we are called to the life of faith and hope. It is vital for my life that I learn to believe that God is who He says He is and live my life in a way that reflects this belief. This is just another way of saying yes to that journey. The challenges of raising support catapult me into the place of trusting my faithful God.

So, you see… it is a privilege to raise support.

If you would like to partner with me financially, you can find details about that on the “Partner with Me: Practical Details” Page.


One comment

  1. I realize I don’t have a current email for you, so I have to post this. Forgive me.

    I hate forwards, you know that. But since this one was a prayer, and, well….hopefully this is an encouragement. I deleted all the “forward this or else” crap, and its actually a nice prayer. I
    know you know you will get through this time, but like you said…its hard to convince your brain of what your spirit knows (okay, so I completely re-worded the way you said it, but you get the gist).

    **I claim it for you – now claim it for me. God has more than a thousand ways to provide for us, ways that we know nothing about.

    Heavenly Father, most gracious and loving God, I pray to You that You abundantly bless my family and myself. I know that You recognize that a family is more than just a mother, father, sister, brother, husband or wife. It is any and all who believe and trust in You.

    God, I send up a prayer request for a blessing for not only my family, but the families of my friends and enemies. I know that the power of joined prayer by those who believe and trust in you is more powerful than anything! I thank You in advance for your blessings. God, please deliver the person reading this right now from the heaviness and worry
    of debt and/or monetary burdens.

    Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a good steward over all that You have given me God. For I know how wonderful and mighty You are and how if we just obey You and walk in Your word, you will pour out blessings upon us.

    I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I have received and for the blessings yet to come. I know you are not done with me yet. Amen.

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